Monday, December 28, 2015

My Antique photo collection part 1

Right now I am without a computer and I am having to rely on what my mom's computer has on it photo editing wise which is really just MSPaint.

I have been wanting to share my photo collection online for a while and I finally got around to doing it!

The photos that I have on this post are from my silver plate set that came into my possession via my grandmother. I have absolutely no information on when or where these photos were taken sadly but my guess is that they may be from somewhere in Missouri where my grandma is from and seems to have collected many of her photos from.

Today I am posting a few of the ones that I have and I plan to post the next set later in the week. 

 Unknown man. I love his expression.
 Likely sisters or cousins.
 This gorgeous woman shows up several times though this is the least interesting photo of her.
 I am pleased to see a rare photo of a family that doesn't appear to be middle class.
 The lady appears to be Native American possibly from Central America
 can you spot the chicken?
 This photo was so dark that you can see the reflection of me taking a picture of it. The house looks freshly built and in an arts and crafts style.
 Lovely photo of this house and the alley way beside it.
 There is a whole series of photos of this family.
 This person is my favourite they appear very feminine and their hair appears to be pulled up and not the typical haircut of an Edwardian man.
 His hat says 'Pullman Conductor"
 I am in love with this lady's skirt
 Lovely photo. I'd guess that he had striking baby blue eyes.
 Some of the photos taken were very strange like this one but you can see the trim of the doorways.
Not sure if you can tell but most of the family are grinning.